[torqueusers] availmem

Rudge, Chris M. (Dr.) cmr9 at leicester.ac.uk
Thu Jul 8 03:52:29 MDT 2010


We're using torque version 2.4.7 (with Moab) and I'm trying to understand the value reported as "availmem" for nodes.

Reading the documentation here:
my understanding from this would be that availmem reports the unused physical RAM.

We have nodes with 12GB RAM and 24GB SWAP. If I look at the output from pbsnodes then I see:
which is what I'd expect.

However, if I look at an idle node I see:
which clearly isn't a report of the physical memory.

Similarly, looking at a node where there's a process which reports a virtual size of 22GB and resident size of 11GB, I see:
which is the remaining physical + swap rather than just remaining physical which should be close to zero.

Have I misunderstood the documentation or are the numbers for availmem incorrect.

We're running Scientific Linux 5.4 (essentially RHEL 5.4).


Dr Chris Rudge - Research Computing Services Manager
IT Services, University of Leicester

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