[torqueusers] qsubfilter for interactive job

Vaibhav Pol vaibhavp at cdac.in
Mon Jul 5 01:10:21 MDT 2010

Dear All,
 	Currently I am writing qsub filter .I observe some strangebehavior 
when I submit the interactive job with PBS script then I notice qsub call 
qsubfilter for every line of pbs script. This is required behavior of 
qsubfilter , if yes why not qsubfilter get called once for interactive job 
is it bug or it is done for specific purpose .I am not able to understand 
this qsubfilter behavior. Below is the my example and my observation .

torque : torque-2.4.8

My PBS script
         #! /bin/bash
         #PBS -l nodes=20
         #PBS -o output.txt
         #PBS -e error.txt
         #PBS -A test
         #PBS -W stagein=test1.txt,test2.txt
         #PBS -W stageout=output.txt@$HOME/test23

         echo PBS JOB id is $PBS_JOBID
         echo PBS_QUEUE is $PBS_QUEUE
         NPROCS=`wc -l < $PBS_NODEFILE`
         echo NPROCS is $NPROCS

         echo  "testing " > /scratch/$PBS_JOBID/output.txt

         sleep 30

         cat $PBS_NODEFILE

qsubfilter file name = /opt/pbs/bin/qsubfilter

I submit the job using following command
qsub -l nodes=2 -I PBS.sh

my qsubfilter get called and qsubfilter is overwriting the parameter of
the PBS script and redirecting the output to the stdout in non interactive
job script file contain are get in stdin but what I observe is when I
submit interactive job with script file. On stdin qsubfilter get only
command line parameter in above example I get "qsub -l nodes=2 -I PBS.sh"
Because my script is checking the stdin no input found on stdin it not 

The again qsubfilter get called now on stdin I get the submitted PBS
script .Now I get the input on stdin therefore now my qsubfilter run 
completely and
through the output on stdout.

Then again qsubfilter get called and it takes my previous threw
qsubfilter output as input and for every pbs line i.e (#PBS ...) get
called .

I am not able to understand is it default behavior of qsub.

can anybody explain me why it is so .Is it bug

Vaibhav Pol
National PARAM Supercomputing Facility
Centre for Development of Advanced Computing
Ganeshkhind Road
Pune University Campus
Phone +91-20-25704176 ext: 176
Cell Phone :  +919850466409

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