[torqueusers] qsub filter

Vaibhav Pol vaibhavp at cdac.in
Fri Jul 2 04:25:22 MDT 2010

  Dear All,
        Currently I am writing qsub filter .I observe  some strange behaviour
  when i submit the intercative job . When i submmit interactive job with
  PBS script the i notice qsub call qsubfilter for every line of pbs
  script.I am working with torque-2.4.8

  My PBS script
 	#! /bin/bash
 	#PBS -l nodes=20
 	#PBS -o output.txt
 	#PBS -e error.txt
 	#PBS -A test
 	#PBS -W stagein=test1.txt,test2.txt
 	#PBS -W stageout=output.txt@$HOME/test23

 	echo PBS JOB id is $PBS_JOBID
 	echo NPROCS is $NPROCS

 	echo  "testing " > /scratch/$PBS_JOBID/output.txt

 	sleep 30


qsubfilter file name = /opt/pbs/bin/qsubfilter

I submit the job using  following command
qsub -l nodes=2 -I PBS.sh

my qsubfilter get called and qsubfilter is overwriting the parameter of 
the PBS script and redirecting the output to  the stdout

what i observed is when first time qsubfilter called by qsub it not get 
the script file in stdin it only get the commandline parameter i.e in 
above example it get the only " -l nodes=2 " in stdin

the again qsubfilter get called now on stdin i get the submitted PBS 
script .

I overwrite the parameter and redirect the output to stdout .

after that for every PBS script line qsubfilter get called .

I am not able to understand is it default  behaviour of qsub.

Why qsubfilter is  not called once in intercative job submission.

qsubfilter get called only once in non intercative job submission.

  National PARAM Supercomputing Facility
  Centre for Development of Advanced Computing

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