[torqueusers] Configuring Torque to reserve CPU's on a node.

Gareth.Williams at csiro.au Gareth.Williams at csiro.au
Sun Jan 24 17:44:44 MST 2010

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> Subject: [torqueusers] Configuring Torque to reserve CPU's on a node.
> Hi
> I have a small cluster with six compute nodes (8 cores per 
> node).  We run 2 different applications on the cluster, one 
> of the applications we have unlimited licenses for and we 
> usually run jobs using 4 or 8 cores (call this application 
> A), while the other only allows us to run 2 single core jobs 
> at any time (call this B).
> The application B has to run on a specific node that has a 
> fast RAID 0 array.  At present I have configured 2 queues, 
> one for each application, the queue for the application B 
> only allows 2 jobs to run at any time while the other queue 
> allows unlimited jobs.  The node with the RAID 0 array has a 
> property set called "fastdisk",
> What I want to do is to restrict the application A to only 
> use a maximum of 4 cores on the node with the RAID 0 array as 
> I need to have some cores always availble for the application 
> B.  As jobs can take 1>2 days to run I can't just give one 
> queue a higher priority so that once queued jobs for 
> application B will take priority when cores become available.  
> Does anyone know a way to reserve cores on a specific host 
> for a queue ?
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Hi Roger,

If you were using maui or moab, you could set up a standing reservation for 4 (or 2) or the cores on the fastdisk node and make it only accessible from an appropriate queue (or class in maui terminology), say queue 'Bjobs'.  The Bjobs queue would still need to have a default neednodes=fastdisk and 2 job limit (or more appropriately a 2 proc limit).  You could make all these setting from within the scheduler. For example with moab I have:
## for io jobs in io queue
You'd need to add MAXPROC=4 (or 2!) to the CLASSCFG definition I think.  The sytax may be slightly different for maui.

Good luck,


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