[torqueusers] Configuring Torque to reserve CPU's on a node.

Roger Hollamby roger.hollamby at arup.com
Sat Jan 23 10:42:34 MST 2010

I have a small cluster with six compute nodes (8 cores per node).  We run 2 different applications on the cluster, one of the applications we have unlimited licenses for and we usually run jobs using 4 or 8 cores (call this application A), while the other only allows us to run 2 single core jobs at any time (call this B).
The application B has to run on a specific node that has a fast RAID 0 array.  At present I have configured 2 queues, one for each application, the queue for the application B only allows 2 jobs to run at any time while the other queue allows unlimited jobs.  The node with the RAID 0 array has a property set called "fastdisk",
What I want to do is to restrict the application A to only use a maximum of 4 cores on the node with the RAID 0 array as I need to have some cores always availble for the application B.  As jobs can take 1>2 days to run I can't just give one queue a higher priority so that once queued jobs for application B will take priority when cores become available.  
Does anyone know a way to reserve cores on a specific host for a queue ?
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