[torqueusers] err and out files

James Coyle jjc at iastate.edu
Fri Jan 22 09:51:11 MST 2010

  Use the qsub option -k eo
to keep the output files on the submittal node.

A note:
  On my system, with pbs_version = 2.3.6 , 
it seems as though the output files are 
jobname.e### and jobname.o###

where ### is the jobID (a number) which you get when qsub is

  My #PBS -o 
and  #PBS -e
are being ignored when I use -k eo

  In this case, you would not see test.err and test.out .

  Perhaps I have misconfigured something, but that is the behavior I see.

  I personally do not use -k eo ,
I use the qpeek script from the contrib directory of the pbs source
which allows you to look at the stdout, and stderr if you use the -e

  Good luck.
 - Jim C.

> Hi,
> I use PBS version: 2.3.7 on our cluster.
> I have a small question about the out and err files create with
> command :
> #PBS -o test.out
> #PBS -e test.err
> For the moment, these two files are created at the end of my calcul.
> But, if it possible, I would like these files are created during the
> calcul.
> Regards,
> Nicolas
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