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Hi Seb,

By default, the stdout and stderr files from a torque job are spooled in a directory on the compute node, and are only delivered to the user's working directory as and when the job completes. You can, however, override this behaviour (in other words you can turn off this spooling) by using the -k flag on the qsub command. So if you submit a job like so...

qsub -k oe myjob

then the stdout and stderr files of myjob will be created in the home directory of the submitting user in real time. In other words the output files will appear in the user's home directory as and when the job starts, and it is possible to monitor these files as and when the job is executing.

At our site, we have decided to create a wrapper script qsub like so..

# script to run qsub - David Baker 01.10.2009
# Job output files aren't spooled in /var/spool/torque
# Instead they go straight to working directory

/local/software/torque/default/bin/qsub.real -k oe $*

This means that user only need to do "qsub myjob", and the output files appear in their home directory. On our diskless compute nodes we don't want output files taking up valuable memory, and hence our reasoning for not spooling the output files. I hope this helps.

Best -- David.
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How can I have the STDOUT and STDERR of a job appear in the user's $HOME directory while the job runs? They currently appear inside /var/spool/torque/stool in the computing node. That's not very convenient. How can I change that?



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