[torqueusers] Not able to build torque with pam support.

Stijn De Weirdt stijn.deweirdt at ugent.be
Thu Feb 25 12:52:06 MST 2010

> > Most linux variants have pam_access enabled so for example on centos
> > we just put in /etc/security/access.conf on the compute nodes:
> > 
> > + : admin : ALL
> > - : ALL : ALL
> > 
> > Only people in the admin group can login interactively. This doesn't
> > seem to interfere with pbs_mom starting jobs on the nodes.
> I believe this would break MPI implementations that use ssh to spawn
> processes (sadly, few can use PBS TM, including those that OSC mpiexec
> supports).
as posted in some other thread, on can use a wrapper that is compatible
with ssh (wrt options etc), but that uses pbsdsh.
you need this also when spawning MPI processes on systems that use
cpusets, unless someone knows a way to start ssh sessions within (the
correct) cpuset



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