[torqueusers] sending mails with mail command

Coyle, James J [ITACD] jjc at iastate.edu
Wed Feb 24 11:30:00 MST 2010


   This is a strange one, but I have seen this problem.

   Are you an emacs user?

   If so, issue the command 

cat -e  scriptname

to see if you have an end-of-line character for the last line.

   Sometimes batch schedulers have the "feature" that the last line of
The job file is not executed if it does not end with and EOL character.
vi will put one in if you just exit without hitting enter after the last line,
but emacs does not.

   If you don't have an EOL character after the last line,  try going  into
emacs, go to the end of the last line and hit ENTER so you get the EOL inserted
and then  try again.

   I have a qsub wrapper script which looks for this and for unprintable characters
in the job file also which come from DOS or from cut and paste from some websites.

  The command dos2unix  jobfile will convert files with unprintable CTL-M's imbedded in it.

 - Jim C.

 James Coyle, PhD
 High Performance Computing Group     
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On Wed, 24 Feb 2010 11:09:24 -0600
Joseph M (IS) Greenseid wrote:

> >> A couple of suggestions to try.
> >> 1) Start an interactive torque job and run all the commands you
> >> want in that interactive session, walking through your script line
> >> by line.
> >
> >It's only that line!!
> So when you do a qsub -I and then run that one line, does it work?
 [arnaubria at ui01 ~]$ qsub -I -q short
qsub: waiting for job 8910843.pbs02.pic.es to start
qsub: job 8910843.pbs02.pic.es ready

[arnaubria at td043 ~]$ /bin/mailx -s KAKA arnaubria at pic.es </nfs/pic.es/user/a/arnaubria/kaka.txt
[arnaubria at td043 ~]$ logout

qsub: job 8910843.pbs02.pic.es completed

and I get the mai...
> --Joe
Thanks Joe,
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