[torqueusers] sending mails with mail command

Arnau Bria arnaubria at pic.es
Wed Feb 24 10:43:27 MST 2010

On Wed, 24 Feb 2010 11:09:24 -0600
Joseph M (IS) Greenseid wrote:

> >> A couple of suggestions to try.
> >> 1) Start an interactive torque job and run all the commands you
> >> want in that interactive session, walking through your script line
> >> by line.
> >
> >It's only that line!!
> So when you do a qsub -I and then run that one line, does it work?
 [arnaubria at ui01 ~]$ qsub -I -q short
qsub: waiting for job 8910843.pbs02.pic.es to start
qsub: job 8910843.pbs02.pic.es ready

[arnaubria at td043 ~]$ /bin/mailx -s KAKA arnaubria at pic.es </nfs/pic.es/user/a/arnaubria/kaka.txt
[arnaubria at td043 ~]$ logout

qsub: job 8910843.pbs02.pic.es completed

and I get the mai...
> --Joe
Thanks Joe,

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