[torqueusers] sending mails with mail command

Arnau Bria arnaubria at pic.es
Wed Feb 24 09:45:36 MST 2010

On Wed, 24 Feb 2010 10:40:04 -0600
Joseph M (IS) Greenseid wrote:

> The server config I believe only apply to Torque emailing you about a
> job status, which you can specify with the PBS directives -M and -m. 
I thought so, and doc say so, but I'm in that time that strange ideas
come to my mind...

> A couple of suggestions to try.
> 1) Start an interactive torque job and run all the commands you want
> in that interactive session, walking through your script line by
> line. 

It's only that line!! 

> 2) Take the job script you have and substitute something else
> for the mail command (like run /bin/hostname instead), just to make
> sure the problem isn't with the job script itself.  If that quietly
> fails as well, it's not a mail problem, it's a script problem.

/bin/hostname or whatever works fine, I mean, my user is able to send
successful jobs.

> --Joe
 Thanks for your rpely Joe,

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