[torqueusers] Access from host not allowed, or unknown host

matthew devney matthew at devney.net
Mon Feb 22 13:02:49 MST 2010

Hi Guys,

I have lost the ability to change any settings from qmgr.  What is the
recommended way to reset permissions?

Here is what I'm seeing:
bw02# qmgr
Max open servers: 4
Qmgr: list server
qmgr obj= svr=default: Access from host not allowed, or unknown host
MSG=request not authorized from host bw02.local:15001

This is with torque 2.4.2, user root at localhost ... I have verified
that acl_hosts contains localhost, as well as the unix hostname and
all valid dns names for this server, and checked the other acl files
in the same dir.

Suggestions appreciated.

Matthew Devney
matthew at devney.net

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