[torqueusers] shared mom_priv directory

Anton Starikov ant.starikov at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 09:55:04 MST 2010


I remember years ago it wasn't problem to have shared mom_priv directory.

But with recent version of torque, I see different behavior of pbs_mom.
Let suppose I have shared mom_priv directory (the same on all nodes) and then I have bunch of jobs started on different nodes, then "mom_priv/jobs" is full of $JOBID.JB and $JOBID.TK and $JOBID.SC files.
Then if on one of nodes pbs_mom is restarted, then on start pbs_mom will remove all this files and clean this directory. At least it is how this looks like.

And then, of course, it will introduce problems for other moms.

Using "-p" switch doesn't change this behavior.

Practically, I don't wee any problem why can't I have shared mom_priv directory, because all data in this directory aren't overlapped. And in diskless setup I see no points in creating separate NFS directory for every node.


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