[torqueusers] prevent log deletion / jobs with no time limit

Vincent LIARD vincent.liard at scilab.org
Mon Feb 22 06:11:53 MST 2010

Thanks for your help Garrick.

Just in case, I should have mentioned I use Ubuntu torque-* packages 

> > 1) How to preserve torque logs forever ?
> > (so that tracejob can be used on it any time)
> The default is to not delete anything. Just unset log_file_roll_depth. 

ok, I have done so and we'll see tomorrow if data is preserved.
May I add, however, that before I set it to 30 it was not set at all and
yet my logs were already deleted every day? 
Anyway, we'll see.

> > 2) How to allow my jobs to have no (cpu, wall) time limit by default ?
> The default is no limits. If you are seeing a 1 hour limit somewhere, then you
> have that configured in either qmgr or maui.cfg.

You are right, I inadvertently set resources_default.walltime
Many thanks for your suggestion.

Vincent LIARD
Ingénieur de développement
Consortium Scilab
Domaine de Voluceau
Rocquencourt - B.P. 105
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