[torqueusers] PBS_NODEFILE incomplete

Scott Hazelhurst Scott.Hazelhurst at wits.ac.za
Sat Dec 18 06:50:13 MST 2010

Dear all,

I would like to re-open this thread.


We have exactly the same problem, and I¹ve also fiddled for many days trying
all sorts of configurations to sort the problem out. It¹s not surprising we
have the same problem, since we are running the same software (part of our
national grid infrastructure, running Glite 3.2 on SL5.4). The torque and
maui packages are installed automatically by the grid installation. I am
sure  that installing later versions would fix the problem, but I¹m afraid
that would break some of the grid software which is highly fragile.

The basic symptom is that PBS_NODEFILE is wrong. If in my job file I ask for
a certain number of processors so that I can run an MPI job across our
cluster, only one node is placed in PBS_NODEFILE.

If I do a checkjob on the job being run, it looks like the right number of
nodes is being allocated and it shows the names of the nodes which are
available. However, the job only runs on one of the nodes and all my MPI
jobs run on that  node (far in excess of the actual number of

We are running torque 2.3.6-2cri.el5 and maui

In my maui.cfg I have


I have experimented with a wide range of queue configurations, none of which

What should I have in my maui.cfg?

What are the appropriate torque queue parameters ?

I want to be able to specify an MPI job runs on p nodes with no more than q
processes per node.

If anyone could send me configurations, I¹d be very grateful,

Many thanks


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