[torqueusers] How to configure Torque with PAM right?

Gustavo Correa gus at ldeo.columbia.edu
Sun Dec 19 23:13:53 MST 2010

Dear Torque experts

I am trying to configure and install  (and make it work) 
Torque 2.4.11 --with-pam on an x86_64 cluster.
I am a bit confused.  Please shed some light.

1) Configuring --with-pam seems to produce these libraries (also installed on the compute
nodes via the torque-pam package, I suppose):


However, if I do only this, when I submit jobs they sit forever on the queue and don't start.
(Scheduling is enabled, server, scheduler are up in the head node, 
moms are up in the compute nodes, queue is enabled and started.)

2) By contrast, the documentation speaks about another package: 
pam_authuser (in the contrib directory),
and gives instructions on how to build it (via make+make install).

Make produces another library:  pam_authuser.so,
which the Makefile wants to install in /lib/security (NOT in /lib64/security).
I didn't do make install, because I expected the library to go to /lib64/security,
since my cluster is x86_64.
Right or wrong?

The Torque user's guide and the README files have  further instructions to install pam_authuser on the compute nodes, edit PAM security files, etc.
However, I stopped short of following procedure 2) all the way, 
because I was not sure if it would complement of conflict with procedure 1), or what else.



Are the two approaches above complementary, independent, or conflicting?

Should I use 1) only,  2) only,  or 1) + 2) ?
How do I make Torque work with PAM, and the jobs run, instead of sitting forever in
the queue?

Many thanks,
Gus Correa

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