[torqueusers] location of pam module

Lloyd Brown lloyd_brown at byu.edu
Tue Dec 14 11:33:24 MST 2010

Can anyone provide any insight as to where the Torque "make rpm" process
decides to place the pam_pbssimpleauth.so module?  I compiled 2.4.7 a
while ago, and it put it into "/lib64/security", but I recently
recompiled with a slight (and unrelated) patch from Adaptive, with the
same syntax (at least I think so), and it put it in "/lib/security".  I
don't think I did anything different that would have caused this, but
I'm really not sure what parameters or environmental factors could have
caused this to change.

Can anyone provide any insight as to how it decides where to put these? 
I'm really confused, at this point.

Lloyd Brown


Lloyd Brown
Systems Administrator
Fulton Supercomputing Lab
Brigham Young University

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