[torqueusers] [SOLVED] Torque : pbs_mom stuck with "no password entry for user <someuser>" message

Pascal Mayani pascal.mayani at eurecom.fr
Sat Dec 11 13:40:23 MST 2010

Henri Marsalet <henri.marsalet <at> yahoo.fr> writes:

> Thank you Pascal !! It was precisely what you described. I've made the same
> mistake during the installation process (compilation and execution respectively
> on 32 and 64-bits platforms).
> I've properly recompiled and reinstalled everything and now all is working
> perfectly. Thank you again for your help !

You're welcome. 

Maybe it could be an improvement for the next versions of Torque : a quick check
when the pbs_mom starts could tell if the compilation libraries match with the 
running operating system, and raise an specific warning if not. It will probably
save a lot of headaches ;-)


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