[torqueusers] [SOLVED] Torque : pbs_mom stuck with "no password entry for user <someuser>" message

Henri Marsalet henri.marsalet at yahoo.fr
Thu Dec 9 07:55:21 MST 2010

Pascal Mayani <pascal.mayani <at> eurecom.fr> writes:

> Hi Henri,
> I had exactly the same problem on my PBS cluster.
> It turned out the client-side packages were compiled in 32-bit mode on the
> master node, and then distributed and installed to the compute nodes which run
> on a 64-bit version of Linux... Calling some functions in such a case, 
> including getpwnam(), can sometimes result in weird behaviours.

Thank you Pascal !! It was precisely what you described. I've made the same
mistake during the installation process (compilation and execution respectively
on 32 and 64-bits platforms).

I've properly recompiled and reinstalled everything and now all is working
perfectly. Thank you again for your help !


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