[torqueusers] using pbsdsh wiith cpusets enabled

Mike Coyne Mike.Coyne at PACCAR.com
Tue Dec 7 13:31:54 MST 2010

Is there a clever way  to tell or pass through  pbsdsh to place the task in the jobs vnode cpuset inplace of the the  job cpuset on the pbsdsh command line  ? 

It would appear in  src/resmom/start_exec.c  around line 4606 one may able to put in a if-then-else rather than commenting it out as it is currrently?



                                                /* Move this mom process into the cpuset so the job will start in it. */


                                                /* Changed to move_to_jobset for OpenMPI jobs - CS - 20080526 */


                                                /* move_to_taskset(getpid(),pjob,nodeidbuf); */

                                                move_to_jobset(getpid(), pjob); 


It would be advantages to be able to tell pbsdsh on the comman line to "pin" a particular task to vnode if desired ? I am guessing  the vnode was somehow pulled from the  -h option although I am not really sure how it found out which vnode to attaché to . maybe <mom_host_name>/vnode 


Mike Coyne

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