[torqueusers] Torque and sending email

Mercedeh Ghadessi mghadessi at MonogramBio.com
Mon Dec 6 12:06:44 MST 2010

Hi everyone,

We are on a tight deadline and we have been trying to get Torque working with a script that sends an email, but haven't been successful so far.

The configurations seem fine as we are getting help from a company, which is expert in this area.

However, does not matter what we do, the mail does not go out. I have executed Unix command line inside the Perl script for sending mail, as well as two different sendmail libraries; None of them worked. So we figured out that it is not the sendmail configuration. The script works if I run it from the head node.

The command is "qsub -m abe ./test.pl, which test.pl is sending an email to my email address

Interestingly, the emails for the qsub (-m abe) are going out with no problem, but I never get the email that was prepared and sent by test.pl

What do you think is the source of problem?

Kind Regards,
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