[torqueusers] Some nodes not returning .o and .e files

David Beer dbeer at adaptivecomputing.com
Fri Dec 3 15:11:33 MST 2010

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> Hi All,
> We're just in the final stages of commissioning our new cluster and
> have come across a strange behaviour.
> Because we often have a very large number of short-running (iup to 10
> hours) jobs, our login nodes are set up to also recieve jobs from the
> queueing system that can run and complete overnight (between 6pm and
> 8am).
> On all our compute nodes, when jobs finish, the .o and .e files
> created by Torque are returned to the user as expected, but on the
> login nodes, they're not. They are created as usual, but just end up
> in the undelivered directory under /usr/spool/PBS
> These nodes are using the same config as the others, so the
> filesystems identified in usecp are the same. These filesystems are
> mounted across the cluster via NFS from the same sources
> Apart from the time restriction, the only other difference we can see
> between these and the compute nodes is that these are aslo the submit
> hosts for jobs. As far as we can tell, the config is the same as the
> one on pour existing cluster, where everything works as expected.
> Can anyone shed some light as to where we might look next ?
> Thanks,
> Andrew


The first place I would look would be the mom log files. There should be information about copy failures if any, or any other errors. Try grepping for the job id.



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