[torqueusers] User job limitation problem

Christian Becker christian.becker at math.uni-dortmund.de
Fri Aug 27 07:57:27 MDT 2010

Dear colleagues,

we have faced a problem with the limitation of queued jobs. Our queues
are configured in such a way that the number of jobs is limited for a
single user via the max_user_queuable attribut:

# qmgr -c "print queue med_eth" | grep -v host
create queue med_eth
set queue med_eth queue_type = Execution
set queue med_eth Priority = 64
set queue med_eth max_queuable = 2048
set queue med_eth max_user_queuable = 512
set queue med_eth resources_max.vmem = 15360mb
set queue med_eth resources_max.walltime = 08:00:00
set queue med_eth resources_default.nice = 0
set queue med_eth resources_default.vmem = 2048mb
set queue med_eth resources_default.walltime = 02:00:00

But we have one user who is able to submit more than 512 jobs:

# qstat -n -1 | grep fagix | grep med_eth | wc -l

For other users the limit is valid, they are not able to submit more jobs.

Any ideas what could cause such a behaviour?

We are using torque 2.4.8 and maui 3.3

Best regards,

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