[torqueusers] Torque udp communication

Sarah Williams saewill at iupui.edu
Wed Aug 25 14:58:57 MDT 2010

Hi Torque users & experts,

I'm having some issues getting a subset of our worker nodes to talk to
the pbs server. Using tcpdump we've discovered that the hello message is
getting dropped because it is too long. The server has MTU 9000, and the
client has MTU 1500. ( Unfortunately the network card on these worker
nodes does not support MTU 9000. ) Normally in this situation packets
would be split, but for some reason these packets are coming across with
the DF/IP_DONTFRAG flag set.

Does anyone know how to disable use of the DF/IP_DONTFRAG, or
alternately how to set up Torque not to use UDP at all?

--Sarah Williams

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