[torqueusers] extend running jobs

Stijn De Weirdt stijn.deweirdt at ugent.be
Wed Aug 4 07:19:30 MDT 2010

> > >> An administrator can extend a job beyond the maximum allowed
> > >> walltime for a queue.
> > >>
> > > using what commands?
> > >
> > qalter, eg:
> > {{{
> > qalter -lwalltime=120:00:00 4222620
> > }}}
> This may not work!  Stijn wanted to extend beyond the maximum allowed
> walltime for a _queue_.  I have tried using qalter as above and Maui
> killed the job at the queue's max walltime regardless of the jobs
> walltime setting.
i have no time right now to try this, but you can defined queue/class
maximum walltime in maui/moab, so this might be ok (ie raise the queue
walltime in maui. normal jobs will be stopped by torque, extended jobs
by maui)

i'm just a bit busy with some other issues, wil try this asap.

thanks for the suggestions!


> I am not sure how to get around this.  Certainly you need the qalter
> command above but you need to try some other things to get around the
> queue walltime limit.  Here are a few suggestions but I have no idea if
> they will work!
> * set up a queue and QOS that has no walltime limit then do the qalter
> above and also a qmove and setqos? 
> * do qalter above and use qmgr to change queue walltime limit
> temporarily!
> Cheers
> Justin Finnerty


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