[torqueusers] Special requirement

Justin Finnerty justin.finnerty at uni-oldenburg.de
Mon Aug 2 10:28:57 MDT 2010

On Mon, 2010-08-02 at 19:07 +0530, alap pandya wrote:
> We have following requirement
>     If user submits  job to  any queue  and 
>     If number of nodes requested in that  job are more than 100 then
> move that job to night queue.

We do something like this in our cluster.  The idea we use is that you
have a routing queue "batch" that tries to place a job first in the
"standard" queue.  This succeeds only if the job requests less than 100
nodes, otherwise the job falls through to the "night_queue" queue.

Any comments from our more knowledgeable colleagues?

# Create and define queue night_queue
create queue standard
set queue standard resources_max.nodect = 99
set queue standard queue_type = Execution
set queue standard from_route_only = True
... other settings
# Create and define queue night_queue
create queue night_queue
... other settings
# Create and define submission queue.
create queue batch
set queue batch queue_type = Route
set queue batch from_route_only = False
set queue batch route_destinations = standard
set queue batch route_destinations += night_queue
set queue batch enabled = True
set queue batch started = True
... other settings

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