[torqueusers] trusted hosts for torque with a separate head node

Garrick garrick at usc.edu
Sun Aug 1 19:46:11 MDT 2010

If you were going that route, just define the headnode as a compute  
node and just mark it offline. You can leave it off forever.

HPCC/Linux Systems Admin

On Aug 1, 2010, at 3:53 PM, "Kiss, Ioan" <kissi at uni-mainz.de> wrote:

> First of all, thanks for the quick reply and for the helpful comments.
>> What scheduler are you using?
> As scheduler I am using maui version 3.3, which is also running on  
> the head node.
>> We use a special node/queue attribute for
>> this which makes nodes accessible only from certain queues. Then you
>> just set the proper ACL on the queue and you are done.
>> This is used by sysadmins for maintenance mode.
> Well, I have right now four queues set up plus a routing queue.  
> Since the compute nodes
> are rather heterogeneous I did not wanted to restrict nodes to given  
> queues.
> Also, maui is set such to make the best fit possible by choosing the  
> machines with the least
> possible resources, which still comply with the job requirements.
> If I understood you correctly than I should add my head node into the
> server_priv/nodes file something like:
> gadolinium np=2 headnode
> than set up a new queue and map that queue to a subset of resources  
> in the definition of queues,
> something like:
> set queue headnode  resources_default.neednodes=headnode
> I am not quite sure if this would work and there would be no job  
> scheduled to the head node, so
> how should I implement this? Also, this would mean that there would  
> be a new queue showing
> up in qstat -q, which could potentially be really tempting for the  
> user to submit their job in case if all
> other queues are full.
> Therefore, could you please give me a more precise example or  
> include a part from your configure files if possible?
> This would be nice in order to make things clear for beginners -like  
> me- how to achieve what you have
> described above.
> Best regards,
> Janos.
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