[torqueusers] trusted hosts for torque with a separate head node

Kiss, Ioan kissi at uni-mainz.de
Sun Aug 1 16:53:14 MDT 2010

First of all, thanks for the quick reply and for the helpful comments.

>What scheduler are you using? 

As scheduler I am using maui version 3.3, which is also running on the head node.

>We use a special node/queue attribute for
>this which makes nodes accessible only from certain queues. Then you
>just set the proper ACL on the queue and you are done.
>This is used by sysadmins for maintenance mode.

Well, I have right now four queues set up plus a routing queue. Since the compute nodes
are rather heterogeneous I did not wanted to restrict nodes to given queues.
Also, maui is set such to make the best fit possible by choosing the machines with the least 
possible resources, which still comply with the job requirements.

If I understood you correctly than I should add my head node into the
server_priv/nodes file something like:

gadolinium np=2 headnode

than set up a new queue and map that queue to a subset of resources in the definition of queues, 
something like:
set queue headnode  resources_default.neednodes=headnode

I am not quite sure if this would work and there would be no job scheduled to the head node, so 
how should I implement this? Also, this would mean that there would be a new queue showing
up in qstat -q, which could potentially be really tempting for the user to submit their job in case if all 
other queues are full.
Therefore, could you please give me a more precise example or include a part from your configure files if possible?
This would be nice in order to make things clear for beginners -like me- how to achieve what you have
described above.

Best regards,


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