[torqueusers] Question about the difference between a node where pbs_server is run and a compute node

Bas van der Vlies basv at sara.nl
Wed Apr 28 03:56:50 MDT 2010


  We just installed version 2.4.7 and experiencing some serious problems 
with executing programs on the server. I noticed that the server
is using '/tmp/.torque-unix' and the clients 'pbs_iff'.

The following test on the pbs_server node will completely hang pbs_server. 
Here some pseudo code:
   p = pbs_connect( pbs_default() )

After this we can not do anythinng on all compute nodes and server:
    - qstat, qsub, .....

On a compute node this no problem at all. So i except the /tmp/.torque-unix 
is causing the problem.

Is this a known problem or a bug?


*  Bas van der Vlies                    e-mail: basv at sara.nl       *
*  SARA - Academic Computing Services   Amsterdam, The Netherlands *

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