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David Beer dbeer at adaptivecomputing.com
Mon Apr 26 14:12:28 MDT 2010

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> hi david,
> we would like to give this one a try. what torque release is this
> based upon? (2.4.7?)
> >   f - jobs can now depend on arrays using these dependencies:
> >   afterstartarray,
> >       afterokarray, afternotokarray, afteranyarray,
> >       beforestartarray, beforeokarray, beforenotokarray, and
> >       beforeanyarray. This uses the same
> >       syntax as normal dependencies except the array name is used in
> >       place of a
> >       job name, and a number of jobs for that dependency type can be
> >       specified using brackets after the array name, i.e.
> >       afterokarray:<array_name>[2] would mean run after 2 jobs from
> >       that array finished ok.

As Glen said, this is based on the trunk. It could be considered a 2.5 beta.

> 2 questions about this: what about 2 jobs with same name?
> and does this also work for jobids: currently when you submit an
> arrayjob you get a single jobid back (with the individual jobs
> <jobid>-<arrayid> as structure for jobid). when you submit a job with
> a dependency on that single jobid alone, it does not work as expected.

As far as submitting a job dependency on that single jobid, you need to use the array syntax. We are in need of better documentation on this, but here are some examples:

If you want a job to run after the entire array has correctly finished, and the array id was 409, you could submit:

qsub script -W depend=afterokarray:409

If you wanted it to run after at least 10 jobs in array 409 completed correctly, you'd submit it like this:

qsub script -W depend=afterokarray:409[10]

This same general syntax applies to the other kinds of dependencies as well. If this isn't working, feel free to email me how you are submitting the job and describe what is happening, and I'll make sure it gets resolved.


David Beer | Senior Software Engineer
Adaptive Computing

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