[torqueusers] Array Changes

Stijn De Weirdt stijn.deweirdt at ugent.be
Sat Apr 24 05:51:22 MDT 2010

hi david,

we would like to give this one a try. what torque release is this based
upon? (2.4.7?)

>   f - jobs can now depend on arrays using these dependencies: afterstartarray,
>       afterokarray, afternotokarray, afteranyarray, beforestartarray,
>       beforeokarray, beforenotokarray, and beforeanyarray. This uses the same
>       syntax as normal dependencies except the array name is used in place of a
>       job name, and a number of jobs for that dependency type can be specified
>       using brackets after the array name, i.e. afterokarray:<array_name>[2]
>       would mean run after 2 jobs from that array finished ok.
2 questions about this: what about 2 jobs with same name? 
and does this also work for jobids: currently when you submit an
arrayjob you get a single jobid back (with the individual jobs
<jobid>-<arrayid> as structure for jobid). when you submit a job with a
dependency on that single jobid alone, it does not work as expected.




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