[torqueusers] executing something else on a compute ndoe for a goven time interval

Coyle, James J [ITACD] jjc at iastate.edu
Thu Apr 22 13:43:30 MDT 2010

  Basappa. Kodada

  The only way I see to accomplish your goal while only executing instructions on the compute node is to :

1)      At the beginning of this time interval (using cron to schedule this)

A)     identify the PIDs of pbs_mom and of any processes owned by users, putting these in a file F

B)      suspend these processes

C)      Start whatever else you wanted to run (if anything) during this time period.

2)      At the end of the time interval (again using cron), reverse the process:

C') Suspend or kill the process running only during the time interval

B') Un-suspend all the PIDs  in file F

A') Remove file F.

  I did something similar with a computer lab, allowing the machines to run batch jobs when they were idle,
but suspending batch jobs when a user was logged in directly.

-          Jim Coyle

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Hello sir
Thanks for replying

cant we specify the pbs_mom available time duration in computing node where only pbs_mom is running.
the Node00 is cluster head node which is having the computing node list(Node01, Node02)

Node01 is running only pbs_mom for sending available resources to cluster head node and executing the job. But i want to give some time duration or time interval in this computing node, so that its resources are available in that time only for cluster head node even though pbs_mom is running.

Basappa. Kodada
NITK, Surathkal
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