[torqueusers] Requeued jobs: accounting records?

Bill Wichser bill at Princeton.EDU
Fri Apr 16 09:36:23 MDT 2010

Although the instantaneous usage of our cluster shows 90-100% 
utilization at any point in time, when processing accounting records 
from Torque, we calculate usage around only 50%.

The reason this is occurring is because we are actively using preemption 
on a number of classes.  When a job gets preempted, which happens 
frequently, all accounting information is lost when the job is requeued. 
  If the user has requested not to be requeued, then an E record is 
generated and the system usage is recorded.

It would be beneficial to us to have an accounting record generated when 
a job is requeued.  This could serve the purpose of both finding the 
"cost" of preemption as well as allow us to account for total system 
usage as we see from the instantaneous usage.

So my question first is has someone already added this feature?  If so, 
can this be rolled into a release?  And if not, I guess that we're on 
our own here and will investigate adding this ourselves.


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