[torqueusers] Sourcing files does not work

Christopher Samuel samuel at unimelb.edu.au
Thu Apr 15 00:36:02 MDT 2010

On 15/04/10 07:16, Coyle, James J [ITACD] wrote:

> As exactly the first line of your script rather than #!/bin/tcsh
> likely the sourcing would work.

My memory of commercial Unix systems is that the source command
came from csh whereas the '.' syntax came from Bourne shell, it's
just that BASH has implemented "source" from csh. Here's what
happens on the development version of the next release of Ubuntu:

samuel at eris:~$ /bin/sh
$ source /etc/profile
/bin/sh: source: not found

That's dash, the Debian POSIX shell implementation, not bash.

Tom Christiansen's classic "Csh Programming Considered Harmful" from the 
mid '90s is also worth a read:



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