[torqueusers] Jobs Jumping From Queued to Run to Queued???

Ben Turner ben at dayborogeo.com
Tue Apr 6 04:16:51 MDT 2010

Hi Stephan,

Thanks for your help. I'll try these things and let you know if they worked.


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I sometimes have experienced this behavior if

-) a global mounted /home-dir of the user (to whom the job belongs to) is
not mounted

-) the user is not known on this computenode (e.g. because the LDAP service
is down, the nscd has hung up,...)

-) the prolog-script failed (for what reason ever).

-) the ssh-keys are not okay, so that the corresponding user can not jump
from computenode to computenode without using a password.

Perhaps, some of this is the solution for your problem.


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> Betreff: [torqueusers] Jobs Jumping From Queued to Run to Queued???
> Hi,
> I have a cluster with five nodes all configured the same. The queueing
> system is working fine on four of them, but on one of them jobs get
> queued,
> then start to run and then jump back to queued state immediately.
> I have looked through all the logs and the only clue I can get is the
> mom_log on the compute node that fails
> Pbs_mom;Svr;pbs_mom;Bad file descriptor (9) in do_rpp, cannot get
> protocol
> End of File
> On the server there is a
> PBS_Server; Svr;WARNING;ALERT:unable to contact node merlion05.qgeo.com
> PBS_Server;Job;14754.merlion00.qgeo.com;unable to run job, MOM
> rejected/rc=2
> PBS_Server;Req;req_reject;Reject reply code 15041(Execution server
> rejected
> request MSG=cannot send job to mom, state=PRERUN), aux=0, type-RunJob
> from
> Scheduler at merlion00.qgeo.com
> Pbsnodes -a reports that the dodgy node merlion05 is OK.
> Do anybody have any insight into this problem. I have been bashing my
> head
> against a wall and have no idea where to go.
> Cheers
> Ben
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