[torqueusers] Job Deleted because it would never run

Hehe cmesunoom at yahoo.cn
Thu Apr 1 00:39:54 MDT 2010

first, the previous problem has been resolved, thank you very much! but now, I have another problem.
When I submit the job with the resources option, just like:
qsub -l nodes=2 job
tracejob the jobid:
04/01/2010 14:04:27  L    Job Deleted because it would never run
04/01/2010 14:04:27  S    enqueuing into abc, state 1 hop 1
04/01/2010 14:04:27  S    Job Queued at request of root at node0.localdomain, owner = root at node0.localdomain, job name = test.job, queue = abc
04/01/2010 14:04:27  S    Job deleted at request of Scheduler at node0.localdomain
04/01/2010 14:04:27  L    Not enough of the right type of nodes available
04/01/2010 14:04:27  S    dequeuing from abc, state COMPLETE
04/01/2010 14:04:27  S    Unknown Job Id
04/01/2010 14:04:27  A    queue=abc
04/01/2010 14:04:27  A    requestor=Scheduler at node0.localdomain
my nodefile is:
node0:ts np=2
node1:ts np=2
node2:ts np=2
node3:ts np=4
and the node0 and node2 are both free, node1 and node3 aro both down.
the scheduling is load_balancing.
what is wrong with it? WHY Not enough of the right type of nodes available? WHY Unknown Job Id?

Any help will be appreciate.Need you.
Best wishes.
Peng Han


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