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Adrian Sevcenco Adrian.Sevcenco at cern.ch
Tue Oct 20 08:58:31 MDT 2009

Tran Hung wrote:
> HI, I'm newbie in TORQUE.
> I installed TORQUE-2.3.6 on Ubuntu ( 32 bit Desktop Edition), I 
> installed pbs_mom, pbs_server, pbs_sched on the same machine. i think 
> the installation is ok, no error on terminal. But how can i check it's 
> ok. I run command pbs_server, pbs_mom. pbs_sched, that;s ok.
> My /etc/hosts contains 2 lines
> localhost
> hungtx
never use this class of addresses. if you just want to have worker on 
master (your head node to process also jobs) just let it be ... localhost.localdomain localhost
is a holy line of text that must remain there (FIRST) in /etc/hosts
if you want an hostname associate that hostname with the network 
interface that you have.

> my hostname is "hungtx" when I run command hostname.
> I found that, in /var/spool/torque/server_priv, doesn't have nodes file 
> (server_priv/nodes), so I create a nodes file via vi Editor, and add the 
> line "localhost" into it.
> I alos found that, in /var/spool/torque/mom_priv, also doesn't have 
> config file  (mom_priv/config), so I create it and configure like the 
> way TORQUE Guide.
> then i restart pbs_server, pbs_mom.
> I don't know why ?
> then I run pbsnodes -a command, error appeared, said that I"t could't 
> find server_priv/nodes" ??? I change the line in nodes file to "hungtx", 
> problem is still the same.
> Can anyone help me to fix it ? Do anyone install TORQUE (server, mom, 
> sched) on the same machine, please tell me the correct way to do it? How 
> to uninstall and then, reinstall correctly?
> I can run the command pbs_server, pbs_mom, pbs_sched, qstat, qmgr, 
> they're ok.
> Thank you a lot.
> -hungtx-
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