[torqueusers] MPI jobs not tied to nodes/ppn configuration

rozelak at volny.cz rozelak at volny.cz
Thu Oct 15 12:40:22 MDT 2009


I have access to heterogeneous clusters with many multi-core/processor
nodes, where PBSPro is installed. When I want to start MPI job, I need
to specify how many nodes, and how many CPUs per node I want. E.g.,
when I require 32 MPI processes, I need to run it as:

qsub -l nodes=16:ppn=2 ...

The problem is, that PBS will wait until there are at lest 16 nodes,
each with 2 cores free, even if there are more that 32 cores free (e.g.
15 nodes with 2 free cores each + 2 and more nodes with one free core,
giving 32+ free cores available). This can be found for any nodes/ppn
combination, e.g.:

qsub -l nodes=32:ppn=1 ...

will not be started on 31 nodes with 4+ free cores (having 124 cores
free!). What I need is just to say -- I need XY cores/processors for
my job in a cluster, and I do not care how many nodes it will be started
on, while each node may allocate different number of cores.

So, the question is: is 'torque' able to handle such cases? And how?
If so, I will talk about it with our clusters admins, as I remember
that they considered the migration from PBS and they are opened to our(users)

Thank you very much for your answer,
Dan T.

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