[torqueusers] Possible oversite in torque_gssapi

Mike Coyne Mike.Coyne at PACCAR.com
Tue Nov 24 12:47:48 MST 2009

In building the gassapi version ot torque from the svn archive I ran
across a memory leak in pbs_mom  after running valgrind

It would appear the buffers allocated int the DIS_tcp_setup() didn't get
seem  to be free'd  when the 

DIS_tcp_release() was called so I proposed adding the following...

This may have resulted from a bad job incorporating the latest update in
svn to my local build but I though I would ask the group if this is the
right place to free the buffers?




Index: /trunk/torque_gss/src/lib/Libifl/tcp_dis.c


--- /trunk/torque_gss/src/lib/Libifl/tcp_dis.c (revision 534)

+++ /trunk/torque_gss/src/lib/Libifl/tcp_dis.c (revision 538)

@@ -1075,16 +1075,28 @@

 #ifdef GSSAPI

   OM_uint32 minor;


+  struct tcp_chan *tcp;

+  struct tcpdisbuf *tp;



   assert (fd >= 0);

   if (fd >= tcparraymax || tcparray[fd] == NULL)

     return;          /* Might be an RPP connection */


+  tcp=tcparray[fd];

+  tp = &tcp->readbuf;

+  if (tp->tdis_thebuf != NULL) free(tp->tdis_thebuf);

+  tp = &tcp->writebuf;

+  if (tp->tdis_thebuf != NULL) free(tp->tdis_thebuf);


 #ifdef GSSAPI

   if (tcparray[fd]->gssctx != GSS_C_NO_CONTEXT)

     gss_delete_sec_context (&minor, &tcparray[fd]->gssctx,

   if (tcparray[fd]->unwrapped.value)

     gss_release_buffer (&minor, &tcparray[fd]->unwrapped);

+  /*fix memory loss in DIS_scp_setup */

+   tp = &tcp->gssrdbuf;

+   if (tp->tdis_thebuf != NULL) free(tp->tdis_thebuf);



   tcparray[fd] = NULL;

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