[torqueusers] pbstools 2.1 released

Troy Baer tbaer at utk.edu
Tue Nov 17 16:18:31 MST 2009


This is a collection of utilities that have been developed at OSC, NICS,
and elsewhere to aid in the administration and management of PBS
variants (including OpenPBS, PBS Pro, and TORQUE).  They have been
developed primarily on Linux clusters, but most of them should be
applicable to virtually any system running PBS.

Changes and additions in this release:

* Addition of dagsub, a workalike for condor_submit_dag.  This allows
the submission of large, complex sets of dependent jobs using a
relatively simple syntax.  Patrick Lu of Arizona State University
assisted in the development of this while working as a summer intern at

* Addition of dmsub and supermover, which can be used to submit
scheduled data movement jobs using a variety of batch and data movement
back-ends, and which understand the transfer description syntaxes of
RFT, DMover, and Stork.

* Improved support for large files and other miscellaneous improvements
pbsdcp-scatter, courtesy of Doug Johnson from OSC.

* An inotify-based way of watching for newly submitted jobs.

* Addition of js and jobinfo, command line interfaces to the pbsacct
database's job scrip and job usage data.

* Numerous small web/DB improvements.

Comments and suggestions on this software are welcomed.

Troy Baer, HPC System Administrator
National Institute for Computational Sciences, University of Tennessee
Phone:  865-241-4233

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