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Albino A. Aveleda bino at coc.ufrj.br
Thu Nov 5 09:09:26 MST 2009

Hi All, 

I have two clusters (cluster-1 and cluster-2) and I would like to submit 
jobs to run in cluster-1 from cluster-2. 
Then, I put this configuration in cluster-1 by qmgr: 

set server submit_hosts = cluster-1.mydomain 
set server submit_hosts += cluster-2.mydomain 

But, when I try to create a queue in cluster-2 I don´t have authorization. 

[root at adm pbs]# qmgr 
Max open servers: 4 
Qmgr: c q batch at cluster-1 
qmgr obj=batch svr=cluster-1: Unauthorized Request 

In my log file show this message: 

11/05/2009 13:54:55;0080;PBS_Server;Req;req_reject;Reject reply code=15007(Unauthorized Request ), aux=0, type=Manager, from root at cluster-2.mydomain 

What do I do wrong? 

Best regards, 
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