[torqueusers] mail notification of PBS events - configuring?

Dan Kortschak dan.kortschak at adelaide.edu.au
Tue Nov 3 02:48:49 MST 2009


I'm setting up a PBS torque system on my workstation to manage a set of
large jobs I'm working on, and I am unable to get the mail notification
of PBS events to work (also with the view to sharing the resource with
others in my laboratory in the longer run).

The test torque script I'm using has the following (relevant, but
editied) lines:

### Send email to user when job ends or aborts
#PBS -m ae

### email address for user
#PBS -M daniel


#PBS -M daniel at adel...du.au

Everything else works fine in the test, so the server, scheduler and
node are working, but I get no notification either to my off machine
email account or to the user account on the machine.

I initially though it was a problem with the MTA getting the email out,
but other services' mailing work, and no email is sent within the
machine either. So I'm a bit lost. Is there some configuration required
to specify the MTA or MUA to use?

thanks for any help

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