[torqueusers] How to get assigned cpu count with torque?

Steve Young chemadm at hamilton.edu
Mon May 11 10:13:53 MDT 2009

	On our grid I did a list server in qmgr and I see the following:

	resources_assigned.mem = 419430400b
	resources_assigned.ncpus = 4
	resources_assigned.nodect = 8

However, this I believe is the amount of resources that is assigned to  
jobs. Not the total amount available. I'd expect the same behavior in  
pbs pro but I'm just guessing here. So are you looking for the total  
amount of resources across the whole cluster or just the number of  
assigned resources to currently running jobs? Hope this helps,


On May 11, 2009, at 10:57 AM, Edsall, William (WJ) wrote:

> Hello List,
>  I'm trying to parse out the assigned cpu count. In pbs pro this is  
> available under list server as resources_assigned.ncpus.
> Is this variable hiding somewhere in torque?
> William
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