[torqueusers] My job'status always Q

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What scheduler are you running?

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Same problem for me.
I've installed torque 2.3.6, configured the server and one client and  
I can see the client node as "free" with pbsnodes -a
When I submit a job like:
echo "sleep 30" | qsub
the job goes to the queue, but it never starts.

qtats -Q gives:

qstat -Q
Queue              Max   Tot   Ena   Str   Que   Run   Hld   Wat   Trn   Ext T
----------------   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   --- -
batch                0     1   yes   yes     1     0     0     0     0     0 E

The "Max" value set to 0 looks strange to me. What could be wrong?


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