[torqueusers] Problem with mlockall in resmom on aix: mom's die with out of memory condition.

Michael Marti michael.marti at ist.utl.pt
Mon Mar 30 18:33:01 MDT 2009

Dear All

pbs_mom of torque-2.3.6 breaks on aix:

In the file src/resmom/mom_main.c on line 7395 mlockall is called to  
keep the OS from swapping resmom. It turns out that this call of  
mlockall causes the memory consumption of the pbs_mom process to jump  
from about 1MB to more that 250 MB.

A quick fix is to replace line 7386 which reads
   #ifdef _POSIX_MEMLOCK
   #if defined(_POSIX_MEMLOCK) && !defined(_AIX)
This solves the problem for us.

Would be nice if this gets fixed in a future version of torque.

Remains the question why mlockall behaves that way on aix.

uname -a on a node: AIX r1blade066 3 5 00003222D100

Best regards,
Michael Marti

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