[torqueusers] torqeu 2.4.0 and pbs_mom

Stijn De Weirdt stijn.deweirdt at ugent.be
Sat Mar 28 05:12:37 MDT 2009

hi all,

it seems that the only way to get latest torque 2.4 snapshots running is
by also starting a pbs_mom on the server machine.
the command that doesn't work otherwise is 
qalter -l neednodes=somenode somejobid
(eg maui needs this to work).

i don't mind have to do so (wasn't required in 2.3, and had to dig
through some log files to find it ;), but now i get entries in my log
files about the mom on the server that is unauthorised (as it's not in
the nodes file).
is there a way to start pbs_mom in a dummy mode so it doesn't try to
connect to pbs_server?

many thanks,

The system will shutdown in 5 minutes.

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