[torqueusers] What does "walltime" mean?

Elvedin Trnjanin trnja001 at umn.edu
Tue Mar 24 07:19:08 MDT 2009

It's the real time elapsed for a job that ran and finished which can 
also be measured as CPU time divided by the number of CPUs.

For example, if a job was running on one processor and if CPU time was 1 
minute and walltime was 5 minutes, that job spent 4 minutes waiting for 
something while in its run state.

Also on a 10 processor system, if the CPU time was 10 minutes and and 
walltime was 1 minute, that means each of the 10 processors were working 
for 1 minute.

tracy_luofengji wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am a fresh of torque. I want to know what does "walltime" mean?
> Thanks!
> Tracy
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