[torqueusers] Stage in problem

Kashif Mohammad Kashif.Mohammad at cern.ch
Mon Mar 23 05:43:14 MDT 2009

I am new to torque and doing some experimentation with torque. I have installed torque with 1 head node and 3 execution nodes and configured with --scp enabled as home directories are not shared. I created 4 users on all the machines. I can submit test job from headnode and got the output back.
I compiled a c program on my home directory and  submit this job.
qsub ctest2.pbs -W stagein=a.out at pptz01:/home/user1/a.out
content of ctest2.pbs is
sleep 30
Job runs successfully and I got the output
But when included stagein directive in the script file, I could not get the output.
#PBS -W stagein=/home/user1/a.out at pptz01:/home/user1/a.out
sleep 30

I know that I am doing some thing wrong, please give some hint.
Thanks and Regards
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