[torqueusers] Authentication on cluster nodes

delaplag at free.fr delaplag at free.fr
Sat Mar 21 12:56:35 MDT 2009

I'm building a 28 nodes cluster for my company, and I've chosen to use Torque/Maui for managing it.

Head nodes and computing nodes are integrated into our Active Directory 
in order to allow people to connect with their usual account/pwd.

I would like to know if you always need to get a unified authentication on all the computing nodes, 
because I know that big cluster are not using such things (auth only submit nodes). 

Is it mandatory that jobs started by torque run on behalf of the user ? 
Would you recommend me a clever way to configure it ? (samba gateway, ldap dump, nis w/ samba, shared kerberos tickets..)

Thanks in advance,

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