[torqueusers] job scripts...in torque 2.3.3

praveenkumar reddy praveen2112 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 13:51:32 MDT 2009

Hello all,

I have been using torque since few months and am relatively new to it. I
want to execute a multiple number of tests using job arrays and as i try to
do that I always get a mail from administrator that the job cannot be
executed. what I did was I wrote three scripts and gave the names of these
scripts to a file called job_script. Is that right? can anyone tell me the
correct procedure to execute a job array.

Also I want to get the outputs back on to the master server instead of the
execution hosts. i can do that for a single test using the STAGEOUT command.
but if i use job arrays, how will I be able to accomplish this.

I have gone through the complete torque documentation and tried various
things but in vain. So, i request all the experienced individuals to assist
me solve this issue.

Thank You,
Student at West Virginia University.
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